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Ineese-Nash, N., Bomberry, Y., Underwood, K., & Hache, A. (in submission). Raising a Child within the Early Childhood Dis-ability Support Systems Shakonehya:ra’s ne shakoyen’okon:’a G’chi-gshkewesiwad binoonhyag ᑲᒥᓂᑯᓯᒼ ᑭᑫᑕᓱᐧᐃᓇ ᐊᐧᐊᔕᔥ ᑲᒥᓂᑯᓯᒼ ᑲᐧᐃᔕᑭᑫᑕᑲ: Ga-Miinigoowozid Gikendaagoosowin Awaazigish Ga-Miinigoowozid Ga-Izhichigetan

Underwood, K. (accepted). A Systems Understanding of inclusive childhoods: The Inclusive Early Childhood Service System project (IECSS). D. Jahr & Robert Kruschel (Eds.) Inclusion in Canada – Perspectives on Cultures, Structures and Practices. Beltz Verlag: Weinheim, Germany.

Underwood, K., Frankel, E., Spalding, K. & Brophy, K. (in submission). Is the right to early intervention being honoured? Submitting to The Canadian Journal of Children’s Rights.

Underwood, K., Ineese-Nash, N., & Hache, A. (2017). Embedding Indigenous perspectives in early childhood education, care and intervention: A Knowledge Synthesis.DRAFT Project report for a SSRHC Knowledge Synthesis Project. Toronto: ON: Ryerson University.

Additional references by our research team:

Halfon, S., & Friendly, M. (2013). Inclusion of young children with disabilities in regulated child care in Canada A snapshot: Research, policy and practice.

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Ministry of Education.



Dr. Kathryn Underwood: A Discussion on Disabled Children’s Childhood Studies

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 IECSS – Indigenous Findings

IECSS – Indigenous Findings from IECSS/SISPE.

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 IECSS Introduction Video

Introduction – IECSS Project/projet SISPE from IECSS/SISPE.

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Policy Brief No. 7: A National Indigenous Early Learning Framework
A submission to the Canadian National Engagement on an Indigenous Early Learning and Childcare Framework
July  2017
IECSS Policy Brief No. 7 – English
SISPE document d’orientation no. 6 – French

Policy Brief No. 6: An Education Accessibility Standard
Response to the discussion paper on an Education Accessibility Standard for the AODA
February 22, 2017
IECSS Policy Brief No. 6 – English
SISPE document d’orientation no. 6 – French

Letter to Minister Naidoo-Harris
Submission to building a better future
January 30, 2017
Letter to Minister Naidoo-Harris – English
Lettre à la Ministre Naidoo-Harris – French

Policy Brief No. 5: Ontario Early Years and Child and Family Centres (OEYCFC’s)
Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centres: Opportunity for creation of an inclusive ECEC system
September 19, 2016
IECSS Policy Brief No. 5 – English
SISPE document d’orientation no. 5 – French

Policy Brief No. 4: The Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014
Response to proposed regulations and changes to the Child Care and Early Years Act 2014
March 28, 2016
IECSS Policy Brief No. 4 – English
SISPE document d’orientation no. 4 – French

Policy Brief No. 3: National Childcare Strategy
Recommendations for creating an INCLUSIVE early childhood education and care system
September 25, 2015
IECSS Policy Brief No. 3 – English
SISPE document d’orientation no. 3 – French

Policy Brief No. 2: The Right to Inclusive Education Begins in Early Childhood 
A submission to the Day of General Discussion (DGD) on the right to education for persons with disabilities, to be held on 15 April 2016, at Plais des Nations, Geneva
March 19, 2015
IECSS Policy Brief No. 2 – English
SISPE document d’orientation no. 2 – French

Policy Brief No. 1: Introduction to the IECSS project
December 18, 2014
IECSS Policy Brief No. 1 – English
SISPE document d’orientation no. 1 – French