Youth advisory committee

The Inclusive Early Childhood Service System (IECSS) is a longitudinal study in which we are interviewing families once every year for a period of 6 years, starting in the pre-school years.

Because we are interviewing adults, who are able to tell us about the processes that are required to access services, we felt it was important to have the advise of young people as we analyse our data. The STM/IECSS Children’s Rights event is being funded by the IECSS project (SSRHC partnership grant) in order to engage young people in an advisory capacity. All materials developed from this event will serve to advise the project researchers and partners in their research activities over the 7 year duration of the project. We are committed to engaging with children and young people who identify with disabilities.

Youth advisory committee:

Zachary Abdalla
Bianca Batres
James Beatty
Lilyanne Bridge
Alex Bristow
Alyssa Burton
Nathan Chaulk
Kalea Davies
Nolan Dobbin
Gregory Doucet
Nicholas Hsu
Michael Khan
Alex Krneta
Logan Lariviere
Fatima Nafisa
Munashe Z. Nyenya
Charlotte Peddle
Grace Sweetman
Shyla-Rae Tanner
Madison Warren

Disability and Children’s Rights Information Sheets (pdf version)
Disablility and Children’s Rights Information Sheets (word version)

Prendergast, S. (2018). Disability Rights Information sheets in child friendly language. Prepared for Shaking the Movers/ Inclusive Early Childhood Service System project Youth Advisory Event, October, 13 and 14, 2018. IECSS: Toronto, ON. Accessed online: