IECSS | Child plays at the sandbox

Inclusive Early Childhood Service System Project

The Inclusive Early Childhood Service System (IECSS) project is a qualitative longitudinal study. We want to understand early childhood disability from the perspective of families during major policy change. We believe that the experiences of children with disabilities can help us identify challenges across the system – for all children and families. We want to better understand how to serve these children and their families to ensure that theory, policy and practice are informing one another.

Our research team will examine early childhood disability from three lenses of service delivery:

  • Families who are accessing early intervention services
  • Children who are in child care
  • Children who are accessing aboriginal programs

We have partnered with early childhood education and care service providers in the County of Wellington, Timiskaming, Hamilton, and Toronto. We want to understand how rural, remote and urban communities have different approaches to supporting families.