Youth Advisory Committee

October 13-14th 2018 – Ottawa

The Inclusive Early Childhood Service System (IECSS) project is seeking young people to engage in an advisory
workshop on children’s rights and disability. The purpose of the workshop is to hear from young people about their
ideas and perspectives on issues related to their lived experiences using a rights‐based approach. In order to ensure
that young people with disabilities are heard in decisions and research about them, these perspectives will be
incorporated into the preparation of research about disability as experienced by children, the adults who support
them and the professionals who work with them. In addition, the advisory group’s comments will be shared with
governments and civil society.

Using the approach of the Shaking the Movers annual youth‐driven and youth‐led workshop, the IECSS youth advisory
group will take place in a space designed to enable children and youth to consider the United Nations Convention on
the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in the
context of their lives.

For more information about Shaking the Movers visit:

Call Out for Advisors
The IECSS project is currently recruiting young people ages 10‐18 living in Canada, who identify as having a disability,
as deaf, or as having gifts (consistent with Indigenous worldview). The overarching theme of advisory workshop is
‘Can disability be positive?’. The youth‐led discussions will focus on children and youth with disabilities and the

What Does Participating Entail?
The advisory workshop will be held over two weekend days, October 13‐14, 2018 in Ottawa. Participants will be
encouraged to openly engage in discussions with other youth. The youth‐led discussions will be shared and integrated
into a report that will be widely distributed to the IECSS research team, and decision makers concerned with the
implementation of children’s rights. By participating in this IECSS Advisory Workshop youth views will be shared with
numerous children’s rights forums, researchers, and decision‐makers across Canada over the next year!
You must be able to attend the advisory workshop in person on both Saturday and Sunday. Participation is voluntary
but we will support participation with travel costs, accommodation and meals during the workshop.

For more information about participation, please email Abneet Atwal (

Final Date to register: Friday September 21, 2018
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